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All Reskins from 2021!

- 56 image variants (134MB)

- 64 image files in total, incl. crops + comments

- 8 months of Reskins

If you've missed out on them on my 3$ Patreon, here's your chance to get them all in a neat image pack as well as to show your support for my art. I've started the  Reskins to revisit my previous works and to see what other variants were hiding in between the layers. I'm using Patreon more as a tip jar and as a small challenge for refining my kinky skills.

Since my monthly Patreons have already paid for these reskins in part (and also had a chance to vote on a potential winner) this pack is available at a reduced price for your personal, kinky collection.

List of 2021 winners

1.  Steel Mesh Cocoon  (from the free Vacuum-Bondage short comic)
[Liquid latex] [encasement] [mummification]

2. Pets at the Vet - Mistresses in shiny latex (from Heavy Bondage 1)
[Rubber fetish] [latex toes] [feet] [no panties] [glamour]

3.  Pets at the Vet - Pet Reskins 2
[Golden stumps] [latex mouth] [full rubber] [aged/worn]

4. The Frame - Rubber & Steel (from Heavy Bondage 2)
[Femdom] [rubber gimp] [steel mittens] [maid lingerie] [rubber maid]

5. Thirsty Toilet Slut - in rubber (from the free short comic)
[Rubber suit] [filthy] [transparent] [soiled]

6. Evil Nurse Aimee - in black, red, gold (from Slave Jessica )
[Gold&black ballet boots] [cattle-prod] [revisited old art] [naughty nurse]

7. Golden Princess Outfit of the Royal Harem
(from SLAVE UNIFORMS I  Art book)
[Steel mittens] [golden mesh corset] [golden mesh socks] [steel mesh veil] [chaste harem outfit]

8. Pleasure Slaves in Latex 
(from SLAVE UNIFORMS I Art book)
[Rubber suit] [hooded] [rubber slaves] [faceless]

Four months had no polls as I was either busy working/writing/illustrating or no new candidates for reskins were available just yet.

* * *

Naturally, these latex and steel Reskins aren't exactly canon. They do not appear in the finished stories as they had been created afterward as a bonus when revisiting them. (EXCEPTION: Slave Uniforms...) :)

After your purchase, you can download the ZIP file directly here in the shop.


Get this Image Pack and 11 more for $83.60 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$4.50 USD or more

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