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A Femdom Comic  (18+)  by KinkyDept

When CAPTAIN JIM tried to trade illegal goods on Planet XX, he accidentally crash-landed on the surface. Waking up dazed, he found himself in some sort of biomedical clinic!  Restrained by a strange-looking liquid rubber,  his body began to feel oddly weird...

What he doesn't know yet: The alien traditions on this Planet are highly 'different' than any other planet he has ever visited before!  It'll take some time to adjust to this matriarchal 'culture'.

The owner of the Clinic,  a cheerful MISTRESS XENIA,  is about to welcome her sleeping patient to his her new collared life...

  • For Kinky Adults only!

  • Extended Edition - with 33 FULL Color Pages

  • Femdom & Chastity (with lots of teasing!)

  • Enslavement & Slave Training

  • Male to Female Sex change - and becoming a 'lesbian Slave' on an alien Planet

  • PREVIEW the first 14 PAGES!

  • Available as:
    "PDF version"  (90mb)
    "Extracted JPG version" (25mb)

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Tags:  Latex Fetish, CBT, Chastity Tube, Tease and Denial, Male Chastity,   Ballet boots,   Cock Tease,   male to female, transformation,  Penis Shocker, Erection Punishment,   Sex Change,   Liquid Latex Restraints,   Shock Collar, Slave Training,   Anal Training,  Enema,   Latex Fetish,   Sexy Nurse,   Erotic Comic, Humiliation, Punished Slave girl, Anal Punishment, Anal Stretching, Fetish Heels, Extreme Heels, Ultra high heels, See through Latex, Hot Rubber Nurse, Pussy Slave Tattoo, Dominance and Submission,  Horny Nurse, Slave Reconditioning, Sissy Training, Sissification, kinky comic, Kinky Department


  • 41 Pages total  (33 Story Pages in Full Color)
  • Size 92mb
  • Resolution 1536x2048
  • Aspect 4:3
  • DRM-free PDF

Finally released after 7 months in the making!


Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Cute, Dark Humor, Erotic, LGBT, Manga, relationship, Robots, Sci-fi, Yuri
Average sessionA few seconds
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Get this KINKY Comic and 11 more for $83.60 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$13.90 USD or more

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002 Slave Jessica 1 - Afterword Appendix (8 Pages).zip 2 MB


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Is there more coming? The artwork so far is great, but there's so much more to say in this story...

Thanks. There would be more to say about it but currently I haven't got anything planned I'm afraid.

This is worth every penny.  These themes and this kind of artwork are rarely done in such an incredible style and with rich high quality images.  7 months in the making you say?  That's a lot of time and the care you gave this story shines through in every panel.  At this point I'm afraid part 2 may never drop but I'm still grateful for the time and patience you've shown to this piece. Thank you. 

Glad to hear, thanks!

Great story worth your money. I'm waiting for next episode in the same style.

great comic, very arousing, however i feel that it costs too much for only 1 part done. 13 pounds for only half a comic!? i could go online get many comics for free, many people do entirely finished comics, even longer than this, 60-80 pages for 6/7 even 8 pounds, not 13! am i expected to pay another 13 for the other half? no thanks! would love to see the outcome and continue reading but i cannot and will not pay this much money for such a short and unfinished comic.

I'm sorry you feel overcharged.

It contains 33 full-color pages, as advertised.

With 'unfinished' you mean a whole Comic Series. As a self-publisher that's what it takes to survive and to allow me to continue making more kinky stories. Of course, you can head over to DOFANTASY (FANSADOX); there one issue costs 27 pounds (30eur) PER ISSUE—and they are a publisher (and one would expect to find it cheaper there).

One of the trade-offs with the comic format: it has low information-density. It's a bitter compromise between artwork and speech bubbles. That's why I began exploring Novels and Illustrated Novels after Slave Jessica, because it allows me to tell a broader and longer story.

I love Your excellent begin of Your complex story. I love Your work in pdf or jpg and are eageerly waiting for the next part of slave Jessica, thanks!



Will this comic also be available on Amazon like the last "Slave Anna"? itch.io does not work for me.

Yes, but... only in a few weeks. Not because I'm evil ;) but because Amazon pays lousy percentages (only 30% to the author, thats only 4.35$) AND its kindle-format is a closed ecosystem - unlike the PDF format & JPGs that are available here. That's why the initial Release will be here on ITCH.io.

I would prefer it here too, but for some reason, my paypal does not work for itch.io and another payment method does not work for me. would you know a solution there?

I'm really sorry to hear. You either have to fix your Paypal/Stripe/CreditCard or wait for the
Amazon-Release I'm afraid. :/

that's the problem, paypal works everywhere, just not on itch.io