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I love Your excellent begin of Your complex story. I love Your work in pdf or jpg and are eageerly waiting for the next part of slave Jessica, thanks!



Will this comic also be available on Amazon like the last "Slave Anna"? does not work for me.

Yes, but... only in a few weeks. Not because I'm evil ;) but because Amazon pays lousy percentages (only 30% to the author, thats only 4.35$) AND its kindle-format is a closed ecosystem - unlike the PDF format & JPGs that are available here. That's why the initial Release will be here on

I would prefer it here too, but for some reason, my paypal does not work for and another payment method does not work for me. would you know a solution there?

I'm really sorry to hear. You either have to fix your Paypal/Stripe/CreditCard or wait for the
Amazon-Release I'm afraid. :/

that's the problem, paypal works everywhere, just not on