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A slave girl's journey on Planet XX - a written Story

Slave Nina's dance career, and her first-hand account of the ordeal, as she becomes a radically new ballerina. Craving a deep submissive desire for ownership, she offers herself up as a contract slave on Planet XX...

Genre: BDSM Story,  Lesbian,  Mistress, Worship,  Bodymod,  Silenced, Long-term bondage,  24/7,  Perma-gag,  Contract Slave,  Personal Assistant, Waist-training,  Fucking Machine,  Forced Orgasm,  Amputation,  Scifi

  • For Kinky Adults only!

  • NOT a Comic

  • 3-4 hours of reading

  • 80 pages / 40k words

  • Contains bodymod (amputation). Even though it's only temporary, if you're squeamish, maybe this is not for you?

  • PDF with Artwork

  • 1x large Cover Artwork, with cropped variations throughout the story

  • 2x small Portraits

  • Once you've purchased it, you can directly download it here in the Shop.

  • Night-mode and day-mode versions, with either 'dark' or 'white' background; the story content is identical.

  • Contains no males--it's a pure Lesbian genre, and not trans(formative), like 'Slave Jessica'.


Chapter I

I hadn't noticed Mistress, sitting beside me, nor her personal slave kneeling at her feet. Her deep-blue eyes penetrated me; she always had an aura of dominance around here. Intimidated, I quickly lowered my eyes.

"Let me remove your bandages," she said. "You've slept for two days, so the nanites should have finished your healing process. Let's get you accustomed to your new situation."

Once she had removed them from my arms, I still felt hazy. Perplexed, I tried to touch my arms, but there was no sensation, only a round end below my elbows.

"How does it feel without arms?" she asked, when she touched them.

I thought I just moved my fingers but I couldn't see them anymore. It was weird. A moan of surprise escaped me, or at least I thought it did, but no sound came over my lips. Instinctively I reached to my face, but when my stumps touched the rigid metal on my face it felt surreal. My useless arms gave me only a dull impression of the steel contraption locked around my head.

The 'skull-harness' fits you very nicely," she said. "Ah yes, at first it can be a bit uncomfortable around the mouth."

So that was attached as well, I thought. My arms fumbled awkwardly around my face, trying to give me an accurate sense of my new circumstance. I knew my amputated helplessness was only for the duration of my slave contract, but the comprehension settling in just became a little too real for me.

I began to further explore my grotesque predicament.

With the dull end of my arms I tried to touch my mouth. It was rigidly spread wide open, and resisted all of my attempts at closing it again. Yet, nothing was inside it, nothing that should prevent my overstretched jaw from closing again; still somehow, my skull-harness held my chin firmly in place and my mouth wide open.

I tasted the emptiness of air on my tongue, as my reflex to moisten it was hindered. It felt completely immobilized and somehow fastened to my chin. My clumsy arms found no way of freeing it from its stretched misery. I only found more piercings penetrating my disabled tongue. It felt so useless now.

Mistress's interest in my helpless state was evident, like a cat who had found a new toy, she stood over me.

"I'll keep the key to your tongue close," she said, while touching her necklace, and I saw my golden key shimmering at her neck...

End of preview

Tag-list (contain SPOILERS):
slave training, collared girl, bald slave girl,  transformed, on another planet, scifi, silenced, perma-gag, perma buttplug, anal stretching, enema punishment, nipple stretching, tongue stretching, long term bondage, humiliation, ballet boots, pointe shoes, waist training, tight-lacing, punished, whipped, shock collar, SM, nipple torture,  POV, female pov, slave pov, amp, amputation, piercings, forced orgasm, machine fucking, sexual conditioning, cunnilingus training, submission, pussy training, machine conditioning, medical fetish, metal bondage, heavy bondage, personal slave, hairless body, foot fetish, barefoot, slave with servant, lesbian planet, lezdom, slave contract, slave society


Get this KINKY Story and 11 more for $83.60 USD
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