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Illustrated in this 60-page bondage book, are the transformative uniforms, outfits, and modifications used on Planet XX—an all-female society. Slaveholders have long perfected the art of conditioning and training—a necessary art if you want to keep your precious and pretty slaves from running away from you.

Held in store for the more luscious specimen of slaves, ch.1 portrays the most popular modifications for pleasure slaves: One young and just freshly bought,  one complete and seemingly happy, after.

Illustrations with descriptions on 6 pages.

Sex slave  |  punishment frame  |  body mod  |  amp  |  no feet  |   runaway  |   ballet shoes  |  bald slave girl

A Royal Concubine's body, precious and chaste, remains perpetually ornated by gold and silver. Unable to do anything by herself any longer (not even talking), she has become a treasured pearl within the thick walls of the Royal Harem. Many secrets await the new arrival as she's outfitted with the most revered yet invasive slave gear to serve her Queens.

Illustrated bondage story on 23 pages.

Golden chastity belt  |  Queendom  |  Oriental Scifi  |  Lesbian harem  |   silencer gag  |  nipple flowers  |  chained and collared   |   slave shoes   |  barefoot slave  |  total enslavement

When not 'orgasm denial' but an excess of pleasure is used to train slaves, this sexual marathon becomes as quickly unbearable for the inexperienced Sarah. A Mistress has decided to buy her and put the theory on the cute girl to the test...

Illustrated bondage story on 13 pages.

Forced orgasm  |  Lezdom  |  orgasm uniform  |  mind-breaking  |  machine uniform  |  humiliation  | steel bondage

Some slaves aren't deemed fit for domestic work. They are made into fettered slaves and forced to toil in the fields. Farm owners aren't the trusty kind though. But not to worry, that's where slave outfitter companies succeed. Follow the shopping tour as one of those unfit slaves gets properly fitted by the specialists of a famous slave outfitter:  SLAVELOCK - So you can safely sleep at night.

Illustrations with descriptions on 12 pages.

Iron stocks  |  female chastity piercings  |  rectal/anal valve  |  collared and gagged  |  slave hood  | welded shut  |  chain gang  |  work slaves  |  pierced and chained slave girls   

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Wide format, 4500 x 3473px (w x h)
61 content pages
67 total pages
~45k words

A small comment, message, or email is always welcome about which part you liked most. I'll gladly answer any in-story questions as well.  You can comment on any of my social sites. Just posts it to any Slave Uniforms topic so others can find it too! :)


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Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop
TagsAdult, Art Book, Erotic, kinky, LGBT, NSFW
Average sessionA few hours


Get this BDSM book and 11 more for $83.60 USD
View bundle
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